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Kyoobikel is a free mobile platform to offer your local products and services.

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Advantage #1 Other platforms provide space to depict products, however, in order to be somehow found in the endless world of offers, you will have to pay good sums of money. Established business models can also not be changed easily and you end up in a stucked position.
On Kyoobikel you are automatically & free of charge one retailer within 15 miles of the current user. The goal is to help even the small retailer without an online shop so that potential customers can find their way to your shops more easily.

With one tap only, entries are sorted by distance and posts get shown only to active users nearby.


Are you giving any special discounts today? Then let all users know immediately within 15 miles.


Reward customers who post awesome stories with a gift and let your customers advertise for you.



Why Kyoobikel and not other providers?


Create your personal profile and upload your products to Kyoobikel. Easily from your SmartPhone.


One main function in Kyoobikel is to arrange stories by distance. With the stories closest to users location will shown first.


In order to be found easily in the search, we recommend you to share "hashtag-rich" stories. Make sure to include sizes and colors as hashtags.

Easy to Use

Sharing products and services as a story is very easy. You will definitely find your way around quickly.

Advantage #2 Your data is yours and yours only. We are based in Europe, therefor we are subject to the most strict data protection regulations worldwide. We use your data exclusively within the platform. No further data will be collected from you, nor will it be purchased or enriched from third-party providers.


A small preview of the app.

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